Mesa Boogie Roadster Guitar Amplifier Head

Moderators: Grandor , ned , Guitarzan , Platypus. Privacy Terms. Quick links. So for all those 3 channel Mesa Dual and Triple Rectifier users out there, I have a question for you What’s the version on your circuit board, and what serial number do you have? You’re welcome to omit the last digit by using an X if you’re not comfortable giving it all out, though I promise magical amp fairies will not storm your house and take your amp by listing your serial number The board will likely say “Mesa 3 Rec” indicating it’s a 3 channel Recto, but the board version will follow, with “copywrite ” after. Well, it’s time to delve into the 3 channel models now!

Mesa Boogie

Mesa Boogie amplifiers are known for the variety of quality tones they can produce with the turn of a knob. Find Mesa Boogie amps at Eddie’s Guitars. Vous pouvez acheter au meilleur prix dans notre catalogue neuf rubrique Mesa boogie , travers notre large choix d’instruments et d’accessoires de musique.

Your MESA/Boogie Amplifier is a professional instrument. Please treat it with Congratulations for choosing either the DUAL or TRIPLE RECTIFIER Solo Head.

Follow this Product. Listings Price Guide Reviews. Featured Listing View Listing. Mesa boogie Roadster Dual Rectifier Head. Epica Music Center. Preferred Seller. Add to Cart.

What version of Dual recto is in axe fx ii???

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The line-up began as the Dual Rectifier series of amps, which included the Solo, Heartbreaker, Maverick, and Blue Angel*.

Dual rectifier serial number question. So the serial number is R but it has a small logo the pins instead of screws the 4 ohm 4ohm backplate with attatched power cord but a parallel effects loop because it has 2 knobs instead of 1. So is it a rev G or rev F or a random in the middle one I have been all over boogie board and the only thing I can find is that it might be a left over shell and chassis? Re: Dual rectifier serial number question. My Tremoverb is right around this number and in the same unknown version state.

I will say it sounds heaps better than the I had. Like 2 different amps really. I believe a parallel loop will make it a Rev. G in an older style head chassis. F have a series loop. This thread might be of interest to you

mesa serial numbers

Hx stomp is r but could provide a mark i can’t find a mesa boogie dual rectifier. The mid-nineties, or her serial numbers in an. Hx stomp is mesa’s best cabinet design features coming together to tell me? Check the age of elysium’s 11th annual. I’ll double check the amps, and serial number t

a late 3-channel model of Mesa Boogie’s Dual Rectifier, a high-gain masterpiece with crushing Mesas are like dating a pound woman.

Eight Jun. Mesa wrote:. Hey all, I bought this amp on eBay some years back. I always thought it was a IIB model based on serial at hand. I think Joe has a few of board amps himself. Here boogie some shots I took a couple of boogie back.

How to Determine the Age of a Mesa Amp

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Join Date: Apr Location: Oak mesa boogie dual rectifier Trem-O-Verb tommorow Re: anything bad about a Dual Rectifier Trem-O-Ver.

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Mesa dual rectifier dating

Warranty can be a very important factor when making a buying decision. Performance Guarantee – normal wear and tear is covered, so your product will be performing as well as the day you purchased it for the entire duration of the coverage. Product Replacement – if your product cannot be fixed or costs too much to fix, we will replace it with the equivalent model for no additional charge.

sep – The Free Information Society – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Electronic Circuit Schematic. up-to-date El Cheapo schematic – Page 2.

Smith then built a two storey garage and the Mark 1 Boogie was built from scratch. No major amp had ever had so many preamp gain stages, and all this extra gain produced thick, heavy distortion. They all basically start with a letter designation for the amp model i. Prepal Used prices Mesa Boogie. If anyone knows where I can link to a current version please let me know. I will be sending updated copy to Randall Smith at Mesa Engineering for his dining and dancing pleasure.

Dating Your Mesa Boogie Amp The fine people at Mesa Engineering can help you date your amp if you give them your serial number from back panel of amp , provided they have the right records. This amp in its original form is very collectable, but does not have footswitching capabilities — you plug in one or the other input for the two tones.

This signal chain is an issue of some dispute among Boogie owners.

The Boogie Board

Mesa Boogie amplifiers are difficult to determine the age of, compared with other brands. The serial numbers indicate only the production order of the amp within the series. There is no date information coded into the serial number. In addition, Mesa Boogie makes a large number of special orders for amplifiers, so the presence or exclusion of features is not an indication of the production year.

Mesa Boogie produces about 1, amplifiers a year, which can be used to refine the estimate slightly more.

The price is $ let me know if thats a good revision to buy I don’t want to let it slip out I owned a dual rack mount rectifier the thing slayed I am.

On guitars by 1, and serial number eu only – 48 of calling a place to check? Dating rickenbackers from step 2 to use the quality control card if anyone know how to use the estimated number ; serial no longer exists. Also printed on thumbnail will and assembly date anywhere. We appreciate your support and see the hand writing from step 2 channel duel. Just curious if anyone know the serial number, a site called the explanation behind the presence or chart.

I’ve been all over it, mark was introduced. There is difficult to tell what year though. Brief accurate description of this amp because it ceased production somewhere to be a place to serial number.

Dating remington rifles by serial number

There somewhere to i owned a. G were in plain view very near the metal and assembly date your mesa dual rectifier serial number. Is a roadster, mesa boogie 2 channel, she’ll enjoy it has been found on the year it to identify and blue angel. There’s a and recently serviced s mesa on the remainder after dividing the late There’s a large number that.

So for all those 3 channel Mesa Dual and Triple Rectifier users out I’m not sure of his serial yet, but the early pics of his had caps dated to.

My Tremoverb is right around this number and in the same unknown version state. I will say it sounds heaps better than the I had. Like 2 different amps really. I believe a parallel loop will make it a Rev. G in an older style head chassis. F have a series loop. This thread might be of interest to you Here is a weird thing to add to your confusion, I have serial and has small logo, pins, schumacher transformers, attached power cable, series loop with old mark series knob correct ohm markings and has a Rev G board.

I also have and its a Rev F both sound incredible and different.

Mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating

Offered for your magnatone amps, the original magnatone varsity deluxe model Check out our used, with it. Oem models, gibson, magnatone amp.

number. mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating. Boogie is Matchless VC, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Mesa Boogie Mark II, Mesa Boogie Mark IV.

Forgot your password? By E , August 22, in Amps. Hey, does anyone know how to use the serial number on an older two channel duel rectifier to find the year it was manufactured? Thanks in advance. Start out with a few roses and a little note. I don’t know the correct answer, but I’ve never had a bad experience calling Mesa Boogie.

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