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The pace and scale of the societal impact of COVID19 and the resulting deterioration in the macroeconomic and commodity price outlook is unprecedented. The duration of these impacts remains unclear with the expectation that the weaker conditions will likely extend beyond In response, Shell has taken decisive actions to reduce our spending and position our businesses to compete in the current lower commodity price environment and uncertain demand outlook. The Board of Royal Dutch Shell has taken the decision to reset its dividend to provide financial resilience and further flexibility to manage the uncertainty. Shell is taking the steps necessary to ensure that we are well-positioned for the eventual economic recovery. However, given the risk of a prolonged period of economic uncertainty, weaker commodity prices, higher volatility and uncertain demand outlook, the Board believes that maintaining the current level of shareholder distributions is not prudent. Following the announcement not to continue with the next tranche of the share buyback programme, the Board has also decided to reduce the first quarter dividend and reset to 16 US cents per share. As conditions allow, the Board will continue to evaluate our capital allocation priorities between ongoing investment in our business, maintaining a strong balance sheet and increasing returns to shareholders which remains our ambition. Details relating to the first quarter interim dividend It is expected that cash dividends on the B Shares will be paid via the Dividend Access Mechanism and will have a UK source for UK and Dutch tax purposes.

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Well, who knew Bon Jovi still had that many fans? Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal. Loath to admit it, in my teenage years I was quite the fan, and the epically memorable RDS show in was one of my first ever gigs don’t judge me, I come from a pretty small place, we didn’t get out much.

These are then imputed to case counts by date of infection using an uncertain [​1] “/adjusted_r_” #> [2] “/bigr_eff_”.

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How do I change the time zone of my Amazon RDS DB instance?

In compliance with state law, the University of North Carolina system now requires undergraduate students to request a residency classification from the new Residency Determination Service RDS. The specific requirements for establishing residency for tuition purposes and for eligibility for State financial aid are prescribed by state law.

A North Carolina resident for tuition purposes and for State financial aid consideration is a person, or a dependent person dependent according to IRS tax code — not the FAFSA definition of dependency , whose parent or legal guardian has established and maintained legal residence in North Carolina for at least 12 months.

date mobile în rețeaua 5G de până la 80 GB/lună (față de 50 GB/lună) la viteză normală(1). viteze în rețeaua 4G: Mbps download și 10 Mbps upload.

Kind-hearted colleagues from Derby-based RDS Global got snapped for the cheeky calendar – with staff including chief executive Andy Flinn posing in nothing but a tie and socks for February. He is also seen with an umbrella covering his modesty, alongside colleagues Jimmy Moynes and Leon Carroll in April. I think the calendar is a very useful thing to do, especially as dementia is apparently becoming much more prevalent in the years ahead as the population ages.

The most difficult part was deciding which charities to pick as there are so many good causes out there! We decided to keep it close to home and focus on the ones close to the hearts of the RDS staff. After about a year of subtle hints, jokes and elusive concepts, I finally announced it was real — the date for the photo shoot was confirmed. They were designed and printed for free by Little Eaton-based Mercia Image, with Luke Smith from Think3 design agency taking the pictures.

RDS Global staff strip off to make a date for charity calendar Added by Love Business East Midlands 14 December Charities including ones which support people living with dementia and children with learning difficulties are set for a boost after staff from an IT solutions firm stripped off for a charity calendar.

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Federal government websites often end in. The site is secure. As of the March RDS 2. The new definitions for modern and legacy are as follows:.

› stocks › rds.a › earnings-calendar.

All the functions and operators described below that take time or timestamp inputs actually come in two variants: one that takes time with time zone or timestamp with time zone , and one that takes time without time zone or timestamp without time zone. For brevity, these variants are not shown separately. This expression yields true when two time periods defined by their endpoints overlap, false when they do not overlap.

The endpoints can be specified as pairs of dates, times, or time stamps; or as a date, time, or time stamp followed by an interval. When a pair of values is provided, either the start or the end can be written first; OVERLAPS automatically takes the earlier value of the pair as the start. This means for instance that two time periods with only an endpoint in common do not overlap. When adding an interval value to or subtracting an interval value from a timestamp with time zone value, the days component advances or decrements the date of the timestamp with time zone by the indicated number of days, keeping the time of day the same.

Across daylight saving time changes when the session time zone is set to a time zone that recognizes DST , this means interval ‘1 day’ does not necessarily equal interval ’24 hours’. Note there can be ambiguity in the months field returned by age because different months have different numbers of days. PostgreSQL ‘s approach uses the month from the earlier of the two dates when calculating partial months.

Interim dividend timetable

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. How to do it? I could not find any option to configure it in the RDS parameter group. You should not do this.

Charities including ones which support people living with dementia and children with learning difficulties are set for a boost after staff from RDS.

You can run bulk update and insert operations for multiple records using a DML statement with different parameter sets. Bulk operations can provide a significant performance improvement over individual insert and update operations. If a call isn’t part of a transaction because it doesn’t include the transactionID parameter, changes that result from the call are committed automatically. The SQL statement is executed as many times as the number of parameter sets provided.

To execute a SQL statement with no parameters, use one of the following options:. The identifier of a transaction that was started by using the BeginTransaction operation. This operation is deprecated. This operation is deprecated and may not function as expected. This operation should not be used going forward and is only kept for the purpose of backwards compatiblity.

You can separate SQL statements from each other with a semicolon ;.

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The TipRanks Smart Score analyzes stocks based on 8 factors extracted from our unique datasets. Backtested performance is not an indicator of future actual results. The results reflect performance of a strategy not historically offered to investors and does not represent returns that any investor actually attained.

Login to your RDS account and view your RCN expiration date. The RCN must be valid (not expired) on the first day of the term for which you are trying to.

Julien Blanc is a Swiss dating coach , pickup artist , and self-help speaker from Morges. According to an article published by Time , he describes himself as an “international leader in dating advice”. In November , Blanc became the subject of multiple social media campaigns alleging that his dating advice encourages sexual violence and abuse , and involving multiple petitions on those grounds to deny him entry to several nations. On November 17, Blanc made an appearance on CNN rebutting these accusations, stating that evidence against him does not reflect his teaching, and that it was taken out of context.

Blanc is an instructor employed by Real Social Dynamics, a U. In a later interview with BBC, Samuels described the seminar as being “in a classroom, in a hotel, with a hundred, two hundred guys who start making notes, with Julien at the front as the kind of rock star guru, people hanging on every word, and generally getting fairly practical pop psychology tips on how to approach women, what sort of conversation to make, how to project your alpha male, and a sense of self confidence.

In the seminar, Blanc describes his opinion that “sub-communication,” not the use of words or methods, is all that matters. He justifies this with his past experience in approaching women in Tokyo. Li also reported Blanc’s video to the Japanese embassy. Li’s campaign spread quickly and led to wider criticism of Blanc’s teachings. On one occasion Blanc posted a “Power and Control Wheel” graphic associated with the Duluth model intended to illustrate ways in which women in abusive relationships are controlled and abused by their male partners.

Blanc’s posting of the graphic was accompanied by the description and hashtag “May as well be a checklist

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